What Warning Devices Should Your Rental Property Have?

Simple tips for improving energy efficiency at your rental property

It doesn’t matter if you just purchased your first rental property, or you’ve owned rentals for years, if you’re not protecting your rental property you risk putting your rental at risk due to fire inside the rental or another problem.

Continue reading to learn more about the warning devices you should add to your rental property:

Carbon Monoxide Detector

The next warning device you should have in your multi-family Manteca Rental Property is a carbon monoxide detector.

These detectors are vital for picking up traces of carbon monoxide in a home so the residents can stay safe.

Recent news from the NFPA showed that there are over 80,000 carbon monoxide deaths reported back in 2010 and what’s even more shocking is that between the years 1999 to 2010 more than 430 people per year died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide detectors are also very affordable and cost as little as $20 when you buy them online.

Combustible Gas Detector

Last of all, but most important, another vital detector you should have in your Manteca Multi-Family Rental Property is a combustible gas detector.

A combustible gas detector will sound an alarm if gasses have been detected in the air and they are important especially if you cook with gas or use propane in your home.

Combustible gas detectors cost about $25 and are another asset you should have in your rental property to keep your tenants protected.

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