Top Excuses For Not Paying Rent And The Solution To The Problem

DIY vs. Property Management – Which Option Is Better?

By RPM Central Valley

If you own rental property in the Central Valley and are managing those properties yourself, you probably have heard your fair share of excuses from your tenants for why they can’t pay the rent.

Some of the most common excuses tenants use for not paying their rent includes the following:

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My Bills Were Too High

This excuse is actually quite common, especially during the holidays, when many people will spend an average of $1,000 on holiday shopping, but the average tenant must also be able to budget for paying their rent all year long or face the threat of eviction.

Job Loss

Sadly, job losses are another common reason tenants cite for not being able to pay their rents but regardless of their job loss, every lease is clear that a tenant is still responsible for paying their rent and must pay it on time or move.

I Can’t Get the Rent to You Because (X, Y, and Z Excuse)

Last of all, but most important is the classic excuse of “I can’t pay the rent because (X, Y, Z excuse).

As with any other reason for not being able to pay the rent, your tenants are required to pay their rent on time regardless of their personal situation or circumstances.


What’s The Solution to This Problem?

Are you tired of dealing with tenants who make excuses for not paying their rent? If so, the solution to this problem is to hire a qualified and experienced property management company like RPM Central Valley.

Besides being the Central Valley’s most experienced property management company we also have an online portal for our tenants that make it easy for tenants to pay their rents online and for us to deposit your payments into your account on time each month.

To learn more about the Central Valley property management services we can offer you contact us today by calling (209) 572-2222 or click here to connect with us online.