Top 3 Central Valley Rental Property Problems and How You Can Fix Them

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By RPM Central Valley

If you’ve owned Central Valley Rental Property for any length of time you know that you will encounter problems from time to time; that’s why in this article we will provide you with a list of the top 3 Central Valley Property Management problems and how you can fix them.

Problem #1 – Hiring New Contractors Each Time You Need Work Done

Although it’s common for some owners who own Central Valley Rental Property to hire new contractors every time they have work that needs to be done, the reality is that the time involved with searching for new contractors, and reviewing bids, could risk jeopardizing your relationship with your tenant, that’s why it’s important to build a network of trusted contractors that you work with so you know who to call every time instead of having to shop around for the right individual or company to work for you.

Problem #2 – Letting Your Tenants Take Care of Repairs

It may seem like a smart solution to let your tenants handle repairs themselves or hire contractors to handle those repairs but the reality is that this is also a poor decision to make because you won’t have any control over the quality of the work that’s done and worst of all, your tenant could do the job wrong, costing you more money to fix their mistake in the long run.

The solution to this problem is to encourage your tenants to contact you, or your property manager, every time work needs to be done so you have full control over resolving the problem instead of the tenant thinking that they can fix the problem themselves and deduct that money from their rent.

Problem #3 – Poor Tenant Screening

Let’s face it, tenant screening is the lifeblood of our business because, the quality of our screening means we will have excellent tenants who respect the rental property and pay their rents on time or tenants who we have to chase down to pay their rents every time they are due.

If you’re having a problem with tenants screening you should consider hiring a quality property manager to manage your Central Valley Rental Property so you can have confidence that the right tenant is chosen every time to live in your rental property.

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