Tired Of Late Rent? Offer Your Tenants the Option to Pay Their Rent Online

By RPM Central Valley

As a landlord, one of the biggest problems that you face is tenants who pay their rent late because when someone pays late their late payment can jeopardize your cash flow and can even make it difficult for you to pay your bills on time.

Thankfully when you give your tenants the ability to pay their rent online you eliminate any reasons why they can’t pay their rent when it’s due especially the age old reason of “the check is in the mail” or “I have to order new checks”.

Makes Life Easier For Tenants and Landlords

When you give your tenants the ability to pay their rent online you will be making your life a lot easier and your tenants as well because they will be able to pay their rent via ACH or even their credit cards.

Online rent payment systems don’t leave any room for arguments between owners and tenants because the tenant will have an easy way to pay their rent and the owner can easily check who has paid and who hasn’t paid their rent.

Works With Most Accounting Programs

Another great benefit of offering your tenants the ability to pay rent online is that most owner portals work with accounting programs so you can easily calculate late fees, penalties and stay on top of your cash flow management.

Learn More about Our Owner Portal

At RPM Central Valley we offer an online portal for our owners and tenants so tenants can pay their rent online and more! Learn more about the property management services we can offer you by clicking here or calling us at (209) 572-2222.