Tips for Finding the Perfect Tenant


If you ask any landlord, they will tell you that all they want to find is the “perfect tenant” or someone who won’t cause them a lot of hassle or grief that other tenants may have caused them in the past.

The good news is that it’s possible to find the perfect tenant especially if you follow these tips.

Tips for Finding The “Perfect” Tenant

Finding the perfect tenant all boils down to tenant screening and utilizing all of the resources at your disposal to find the right person to live in your rental property.

Credit verification – This can be done online. Ideally, a tenant’s credit score shouldn’t be less than 650-700 because poor credit is a sign that they haven’t paid their bills on time and it’s also an indicator of what you can expect from them when it comes to the tenant paying their rent on time.

Personal reference verification – Personal references aren’t as important as job references because any personal reference is bound to give a glowing review of someone who has submitted their rental application to you. Keep this in mind and don’t just approve someone alone based on their personal references.

Background check – This check is important because you want to get a clear picture of where the tenant has been in the past, what they do for work and if they are consistent in their life with work and meeting their financial commitments.

After a tenant passes all of these “checks” they can be considered to be an A-Rated tenant and should then be your Rental Property or other properties which you may have for rent across the Central Valley area.

Why Do Most Property Owners Fail at Finding A-Rated Tenants?

Sadly, in 2019 most property owners fail at finding A-Rated tenants because they don’t take the time to use all of the necessary checks on a potential tenant or they use the wrong resources online to find renters which include websites like, hot pads or Craigslist.

One of the best ways you can find A-Rated Renters for your Central Valley or rental properties every time is to hire a professional property management company to manage your rental properties.

Benefits of Working with A Property Management Company

Some of the benefits which you will enjoy when working with a professional property management company as RPM Central Valley include:

· Complete background check of each tenant.

· Total screenings of tenants

· Professional showings of your rental properties

· The best online marketing of each rental property you own

· On-time rent collection

· Professional tenant management

· And more!

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