Carpet vs Flooring – Which option is better for your rental property?


Are you thinking about choosing new flooring for your rental property and can’t decide between installing carpeting, flooring or both?

In this article will answer the question of which type of flooring you should choose for your rental property.

Tips For Buying Carpet

If you’re thinking about choosing carpeting for your rental property, one of the most important things that you should consider when choosing a carpet brand is to invest in a looped-pile style of carpeting made by a company like Berber.

With this style of carpeting, it typically lasts a lot longer than other brands of carpeting and is going to look newer for a longer period of time.

The downside of choosing looped-pile carpeting is that it can be a little rough or even scratchy for some tenants, and possibly give them an allergic reaction.

Thankfully, you can use the Internet to research carpet brands and learn more about which carpets are best for people who deal with allergies.

When the carpeting is installed, you should consider giving your tenants a vacuum cleaner if they don’t own one. This will keep the carpets clean while protecting your investment.

Tips For Buying Flooring

Due to the allergies that many people deal with in this day and age, you may be thinking about laying down flooring in your entire rental property. This is a smart decision to make because flooring can be easier to maintain than carpeting and it doesn’t trap the dust or dirt like carpet can.

The good news about flooring is that there are a wide variety of options to choose from including vinyl, hardwood, wood plank, tile and linoleum flooring.

During the process of choosing flooring it’s best to choose a flooring brand based on durability because you want to invest in a flooring brand that’s not going to need to be replaced every two years.

Since most people prefer to have carpeting in their bedrooms, you may want to consider installing carpeting in just the bedrooms of your rental property. This way your tenants will wake up with carpet under their feet while having linoleum or another flooring brand throughout the rest of the rental property.

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