Tips For Filling Vacancies FAST At Your Central Valley Rental Property

3 Tips For Preventing Burglary At Your Stockton Rental Property

By RPM Central Valley

Do you own a Central Valley Rental Property that’s not attracting the attention of prospective renters and you can’t figure out why?

In this article, we will offer you 3 tips for filling vacancies fast, even if your rental property may not be attracting the attention of renters at the moment.

Central Valley Rental Property

#1 – Check Your Rent

Although you may feel that your rental property is worth $X rent per month, the reality is that it may be overpriced and worth $Y rent per month, this could be one of the reasons why renters are searching elsewhere for rental properties.

To learn more about what you should be renting your property for each month you can either hire a Central Valley Property manager to do a comparable analysis of rental properties in the area or you can search online yourself for comparable rental properties.


#2 – Get Your Central Valley Rental Property Up To Date

If the last time you updated your Central Valley Rental Property was two presidents ago, you should take the time to make updates to your rental before listing it for rent again.

Some of the improvements you should consider making to your rental property include: new flooring, refinish cabinets, new paint, new hardware on cabinets, energy efficient lighting etc.


#3 – Improve Your Ad

Last of all, but most important, once your rental property is updated and ready for rent again you should improve your ad because, it can be the best rental property in the Central Valley but if the ad is boring, or it doesn’t properly list all of your rentals amenities, you could find your rental sitting on the market for longer than you imagined.

Make sure your ad has a compelling or enticing headline, great photos, excellent video shot inside the rental and plenty of ways for prospective renters to contact you if they are interested.

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