Things to Do Before Your Lease Term Ends

How to buy a Stockton rental property - A step by step guide

By RPM Central Valley

Is your lease about to end? If so, if you plan on moving, there are a variety of things to do before your lease term ends which include the following:

Notify Your Landlord

Even though your lease is going to expire, you should still notify your landlord at least 30 days in advance that you will not be renewing your lease because this will give them time to plan for your exit and do a move out inspection.

Clean Up the Property

One of them most important things to do before you move is to do your best to clean up the property and leave it in broom swept condition because, a dirty/messy property is one of the fastest ways to lose your deposit because the landlord will have to use that money to clean the property up for the next tenant.

Document Everything

Before leaving your rental property it’s best to document the condition of the rental property, especially if you did your part to clean it up because you will want to have proof if any dispute arises over the return of your deposit.

Provide A Forwarding Address

Another important thing to do when parting ways with your landlords is to leave them with a forwarding address just so they know where to send your deposit.

Return the Keys

Last of all, but most important, don’t forget to return your keys to the landlord. This can be done by delivering the keys to your landlord in person or mailing the keys to them if you plan on moving out of state.

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