What To Include In Your Tenant Welcome Packet

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A tenant welcome packet is one of the most important things that you can give your tenant when they move in.

The packet shows them that you care about their experience and want to help them get started right at your rental property.

If you’ve only ever handed your tenants the keys, and never given them a welcome packet, this article will offer you several tips for what to include in your tenant welcome packet.

Tenant Paperwork

Once the lease is signed, you should include a copy of the tenant’s lease in their welcome packet along with information on how/when rent is due so that they are fully aware of their responsibility of how to pay rent and when to pay.

Besides including the basics in your welcome packet, you should also include general information on local stores, restaurants and things to do in the area because this will make it easier for tenants to learn their new community.

Contact Information

Having a copy of their paperwork in the welcome packet is important but what’s also important is your contact information.

Tenants should have multiple ways to contact you, even after hours, so that they can notify you of problems at the rental property when they occur.

Tenant Necessities

Last of all, but must important, you should also include some necessities in your packet as well including the keys to the property, garage door opener, code to the alarm system and information on the smart appliances that your property offers.

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