Tenant Move-Outs – How To Make The Process More Efficient

tenant move outs

If you own rental properties in the Central Valley, you know that tenant move-outs are a part of owning rental properties because many tenants often stay at a property for 12 months or less.

Thankfully, even though tenant turnover can be a hassle for any landlord, move-outs can be simple and efficient if you follow these tips.

Tip #1 – Find Out Their Intentions As Early As Possible

One major part of simplifying the tenant move-out process is to find out your tenants’ intentions as early as possible.

This means that you should start the lease renewal process with them at least 120 days in advance of their move-out date because doing this will provide you with insight into if they are planning on renewing or moving on to another property.

Tip #2 – Let Them Know What Needs To Happen Next

From the moment that your tenant tells you that they want to move out, you should provide them with a list of things that they must do to make that happen.

Your list should also include an inspection of the property as well. This is vital especially if the tenant wants to get their security deposit back, they must be ready to leave that property in move-in ready condition for the next tenant.

Tip #3 – Be Clear About The Security Deposit Return

Once you’ve collected the keys, and taken possession of the rental property, you should also be clear with the tenant about when they can expect to get their security deposit returned to them.

Providing your tenant with a timeline for the security deposit return will also help to set the correct expectations for your tenant and eliminate hassle with them if they don’t get that security deposit back right after they’ve moved out.

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