Tenant Management – 4 Tips for Dealing with Bad Tenants

Are Your Modesto Renters Problem Tenants? Here’s How to Deal with Them

Ask any owner and they will tell you that one of the worst things that they don’t like to do is deal with bad tenants but the occasional bad tenant may come into your life the longer you own rental property and you can give yourself the advantage as an owner by following these 4 tips for dealing with bad tenants.

#1 – Stay Friendly, But Firm, Every Time

There’s no denying that dealing with a bad tenant is the last thing that an owner wants to do but when these situations occur your best line of defense is a strong offense. You must stay friendly but firm with tenants every time problems occur because it’s easy for any tenant to intentionally or unintentionally take advantage of you as an owner and the problem will continue to occur.

#2 – Always Get Everything in Writing

Besides having a comprehensive lease agreement, you should also have a written record every time you deal with your tenant just so there’s never any questions about what was said, resolved or agreed up to resolve a problem when it occurs.

#3 – Don’t Forget About Certified Mail

When it comes time to send your problem tenant an important notice or two you shouldn’t hesitate to use certified mail because this will eliminate the possibility of them saying that they never received the notice and you will also additional documentation should you need to use it in court.

#4 – Start Preparing For Problems In Advance

Last of all, but most important, don’t wait until the last minute for problems to arise, prepare for them in advance just so you won’t be shocked and left wondering how to deal with them.

Learn the laws regarding issues like lease violations, choose an attorney you can turn to for help when needed, take lots of notes when problems occur because being extra prepared will help you to be a stronger owner and protect your rental property investment.

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