Stockton Rental Market Update – August 2018

Rental Property

Are you planning on buying rental properties in the Stockton Rental Market? If so, here’s what’s happening with rental properties in Stockton as of August 2018.

Average Rent

Right now, the average rent for a rental property in Stockton CA is $1,04 per month. To break it down, here’s what a renter can expect to pay on a monthly basis for the following properties:

  • Studio apartment – $917 per month
  • 1-bedroom apartment – $962 per month
  • 2-bedroom apartment – $1,190 per month
  • 3-bedroom apartment – $1,225 per month

Source – Rent Café

Since May of 2015, the average rent for all rentals in the Stockton area has gradually increased on a monthly basis as Stockton has become one of the most desirable cities in the United States. Prices here are still low when compared to the rest of California and with mortgage rates still affordable it makes sense for investors to buy rentals here.

Most in Demand Areas

As with any city in the United States, Stockton has several neighborhoods where renters want to live compared to others. These neighborhoods include the following:

  • Brookside Estates
  • Brookside West
  • Cape Cottages
  • Cavendish Square
  • Falcon Crest
  • Spanos Park West

Get Stockton California Property Management

One of the most important things that every investor can do to efficiently invest in rental properties in Stockton is to hire an experienced Stockton California Property Management company like RPM Central Valley.

At RPM we make owning rental properties EASY because our team will take the heavy lifting off your shoulders so you won’t have to concern yourself with things like chasing tenants who don’t pay their rent on time, customer service, maintenace or any of the other day to day aspects of owning rental properties.

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