Small Apartment Amenities You Should Offer to Your Tenants

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By RPM Central Valley

Do you own a small apartment building in the Central Valley?

Small apartment buildings have become even more popular in recent years because they can generate excellent ROI but as with any rental property, the key to success with owning these rentals is also offering your tenants amenities which are comparable with bigger apartment buildings.

Recommended Small Apartment Amenities

Storage Units – Since most small apartments have very little storage space you can give your small apartment building the advantage over other apartments in the area by turning an unused garage, lobby or hallway into a storage area with a pre-fabricated or portable storage unit.

Package Lockers – If your small apartment building in the Central Valley doesn’t have a lobby, or someone working there during the day to sign for packages for tenants, the next small apartment amenity you should consider for your building is installing a package locker.

As with portable storage units, there are any companies out there, including companies like Luxer One, who install portable package lockers and they make life easier for tenants because the tenant doesn’t have to worry about being home for packages and can have confidence that their orders from or other companies will be delivered securely without being tampered with by someone else at the apartment building.

Smart Devices – From NEST thermostats to smart locks, just about everyone these days is accustomed to using smart devices and you can really make your Central Valley rental property stand out from others in the area if you install smart devices at your rental property, especially if the also help the environment as well.

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