Simple Tips for Keeping Your Stockton Rental Property Safe

Simple Tips for Keeping Your Stockton Rental Property Safe

So you’re just getting started with owning Stockton Rental Property and are excited about the passive cash flow that you’re going to receive from your rental properties but, before renting out your investment property you should make sure that your rental property is safe.

In this article, we will share with you simple tips that you can use to make sure that your Stockton rental is safe and ready for new tenants.

Tip #1 – Confirm Exterior Safety

Roof – Check the roof to make sure that it doesn’t have any missing shingles because; this could lead to roof damage and leaks inside your home.

Gutters – Inspect the gutters on your Stockton Rental Property to make sure that they are free of any blockages and that rainwater will be able to flow easily should we have a sudden downpour of rain.

Check those gutters and save thousands!

Foundation – Review the foundation of your rental property to make sure that there isn’t any damage and if your rental property has a basement you should make sure that all windows or access points to the basement are secure.

Steps & Stairs – If your rental property has steps and stairs you make sure that they are in excellent shape because steps or stairs that are in need of repairs can lead to accidents and injuries.

Tip #2 – Schedule Annual Maintenance Inspections

Even though you may be satisfied with the condition that your Stockton Rental Property is in now you should still require annual maintenance inspections because, a lot can happen in a rental over 12 months and you should have a maintenance professional ready to inspect your rental property at least once a year and make improvements or repairs where needed.

Use a calendar program to schedule inspections.

Tip #3 – Avoid Disaster by Resolving Problems BEFORE They Occur

If your Stockton Rental Property is more than 20 years old it may have potential problems that could occur and you should resolve those problems now.

Some of the most common problems in older rental properties include outdated wiring and electrical outlets that should be replaced so that they are able to handle the demand for power from smart phones and other handheld devices.

Consider installing USB capable outlets in all of your rentals.

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