Should You Show Your Appreciation To Loyal Tenants?

Tips for Keeping Porches, Balconies and Patios Clutter Free This Summer

By RPM Central Valley

It doesn’t matter if you own a single family home, or multi-family homes in the Central Valley area, if you have loyal tenants they are like gold and you should show your appreciation to them whenever possible by following these simple tips and incentives

Tip #1 – Host Events

Although it may be easier to hold an event at a multi-family rental property you should still consider holding events throughout the year to show your appreciation to your tenants by inviting your tenants out to dinner either annually/quarterly or you could host an annual summer barbecue at a local park.

Tip #2 – Create an Environment Your Tenants Will Love

Fact: Tenants like to feel appreciated and you can easily show your appreciation to your tenants throughout the year by creating an environment that they will love.

Creating a beautiful environment doesn’t have to be complicated, to get started all you have to do is the following:

  • Keep your rental property cleaned and maintained.
  • Follow standards that you set for your rental property.
  • Make sure that parking spaces, entry ways, porches and outdoor spaces are clean and free of debris or cobwebs.
  • If you see areas of your rental property that need to be painted you shouldn’t hesitate to hire painters to get the job done.
  • Upgrade the landscaping surrounding your rental property.

Tip #3 – Give Your Tenants Personal Gifts

Whenever you have a new tenant move into your rental you should always ask them for their birthday because, on their birthday you should give them a personal gift which can you there be a gift basket, gift card, or item that they might enjoy using in their rental property on a daily basis.

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