Should You Offer Maintenance Management Service To Your Central Valley Renters?


STOCKTON, Ca. – Over the years that you own rental property you’re going to find that some of your Central Valley Renters are better than others at keeping your rental properties tidy and when these situations occur you should consider offering these tenants maintenance management services.

What are maintenance management services? These are routine maintenance tasks that your tenant might not have the time to do themselves, some of these tasks might include: gardening, landscape maintenance or light house cleaning.

If you’ve been thinking about adding maintenance management services to some of your tenants here are some reasons why you should consider this:

Reason #1 – Saves Your Clients Time and Boosts Your Income

Not every tenant will have the time or desire to keep your rental property tidy while they are living there and offering them a maintenance management service takes the burden of maintenance off their shoulders while offering you a boost to your income as well.

Reason #2 – Fill Future Vacancies Quicker

Imagine not having to wade through trash and debris left over from the previous tenant after they move out, this will be possible when you sign up your tenant with a maintenance management service because by taking steps to keep your rental property maintained yourself you won’t have leave maintenance in the hands of tenants who might not be inclined to keep your rental property tidy.

How to Hire the Right Maintenance Crew

Sometimes it can be difficult hiring the right people to maintain your rental property and the best way to find good people for your maintenance staff is to start by spreading the word locally when you ask friends or family members who they know that might be looking for part time work.

Remember that it can take time to find the right maintenance staff so have patience during this process and the rewards will pay off.

Save Time and Money with Property Management

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