Should You Furnish Your Single-Family Investment Property?

Have you been thinking about furnishing your single-family investment property but you don’t know if this is the right decision for you to make or not?

This article will answer the question and tips on what you should include in your rental property if you plan on furnishing it.

The Answer Is Yes and No

Even though it may make sense to offer a fully furnished rental property, the reality is that most renters in today’s world already have their own furniture.

If you were to furnish your entire rental property you would be potentially excluding a large portion of the renter population who would be potentially interested in renting your property but wouldn’t be able to because they would have to store their furniture elsewhere.

The only real time you should consider fully furnishing your Central Valley rental property is if your rental is located near a college or major university.

Most college-age renters are only going to be living in the area temporarily and they won’t have furniture so offering a fully furnished rental property to a college student would be beneficial to both you and the renter.

Another time to consider offering a fully furnished rental property is if it’s a short term rental like an Airbnb. Having a short term furnished rental is essential because most short term renters want to stay in a rental that has all of the comforts of home.

Don’t Want to Furnish It? Why Not Add Appliances Instead?

If you don’t plan on furnishing your Central Valley rental property you should consider partially furnishing it with appliances instead.

Which appliances should you invest in for your rental property? If your single-family rental property has washer and dryer hookups but doesn’t actually have a washer and dryer, you should purchase a washer and dryer for the property.

Some of the other appliances that you should consider adding or updating in your rental property include purchasing a refrigerator, new stove and potentially other high-tech amenities like a Nest thermostat, doorbell cam, and also wifi-enabled light bulbs.

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