Should You Add A Laundry Room To Your Multi-Family Modesto Rental Property?

Should You Add A Laundry Room To Your Multi-Family Modesto Rental Property?

By RPM Central Valley

If you ask any renter who is searching for a Modesto Rental Property they will tell you that having a rental with an onsite laundry room is something they are searching for because an onsite laundry room means they don’t have to waste the time and money of driving to an offsite laundry facility to get their laundry done.

Before Building a Laundry Room Do This

Although building a laundry room for your multi-family Modesto Rental Property may seem like an ideal use of your capital make sure you do this:

1. Speak with your tenants first – Ask them if they would use the facility or continue doing their laundry elsewhere.

2. Find out what other laundromats are charging – During your conversation with your tenants ask them what other laundromats in the area are charging to wash and dry a load of laundry.

3. Think about renting vs. buying new equipment – Yes, it might seem like a better investment to buy washers and dryers outright, but many companies who rent equipment will also provide regular maintenance so renting may actually be a smarter investment compared to buying.

Build a Bigger Laundry Room

Even though you may be tempted to build a laundry room with the capacity for just one or two washers and dryers, it’s best to add extra plumbing and electrical so you can always start with a couple of washers and dryers then add more later on for your multi-family Modesto Rental Property.

Get More Tips for Your Modesto Rental Property

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