Should you sell your home or rent it out?

Simple Tips for Keeping Your Stockton Rental Property Safe

Should you sell your home or rent it out? This is one of the top questions that many homeowners in the Central Valley and across the United States have right now because home values have been appreciating steadily over the last 4 years and many homeowners are ready to cash out or trade up for a bigger home.

Although selling your home is perfectly within your right, you should take a step back and consider renting your home instead.

Reason #1 – Growing Cash Flow For Retirement

Did you know that rents are expected to increase by 3 percent in 2015 alone and possibly another 3 percent in 2016?

Increasing rents means you can expect steady, increasing cash flow from your Lathrop Home if you plan on renting it out in 2015 or beyond.

Reason #2 – Easy To Manage

You may have heard in the past about how difficult it is to manage rental properties because you have to deal with tenants, repairs, calls in the middle of the night and rent collection. Thankfully, all of those issues are things you won’t have to worry about when you hire RPM Central Valley to rent and manage your Lathrop Home.

We make owning a rental home easy so you won’t have to deal with any of the regular da-to-day issues which come with owning a rental home.

Reason #3 – Get More ROI from Your Home

Last of all, but most important, another reason why you should consider renting your Lathrop home is that you will be able to continue getting more ROI from your home the older you get and best of all you will be able to leave your home to your heirs so they can continue enjoying income from it in the years to come.

Rent Your Home

To get started with renting your Home, or to speak with us about our property management services, contact RPM Central Valley today by calling us at (800) 535-7381 or click here.

Generate cash for retirement with your rental. Learn more by contacting us today.