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Here’s How to Get Your Rental Property ready for winter in the Central Valle

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About San Joaquin Property Management

At RPM Central Valley we specialize in full service property management. Our team can save you the time, money and hassle of managing your rental properties yourself with the following services:

Advertising & Tenant Placement

Finding the right tenant for your property can save you money and keep your home in better condition. At RPM, we take tenant screening and placement seriously. We advertise all of our homes using a proven assortment of promotional tools. We schedule showings quickly, and we assist potential tenants with any questions or concerns.

All RPM applicants are subjected to the same vigorous screening procedures, which aim to identify potential red flags. After locating qualified renters, we handle the lease signing, as well as the move-in process.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Tired of nonstop repair requests? Why not let our team take care of the maintenance and upkeep of your property? Our tenants can submit a repair request around the clock by using the convenient online portal, and we’ll work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. When necessary, we work with licensed local vendors to ensure the repair is taken care of correctly.

Finances and Accounting

Never chase another rent check with the RPM team at your side. Rent collection and accounting is included in our property management packages. We send bills to clients, follow up on late payments, and ensure your earnings are disbursed quickly. If a situation deteriorates, we even handle the eviction proceedings.

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