Rents Are Rising – Have You Bought A Stockton Rental Property Yet?

Should You Add A Laundry Room To Your Multi-Family Modesto Rental Property?

STOCKTON – There’s no denying that rents have increased across the United States in the last 12 months, including in Stockton, CA where the average 3 bedroom / 2 bath home is renting for well over $1,000 per month.

To be exact, the average rent in the United States has risen by 14 percent since 2010, and what’s shocking is that this is about 4 percentage points quicker than inflation, but the good news is that home prices have also risen as well during the same period.

With the rise in rents and home prices in the United States there’s never been a better time than right now for you to buy a Stockton Rental Property.

2015 Rental Property Predictions

Thanks to an increase in apartment construction nationwide most economists are predicting rents to increase by an additional 3.3 percent in 2015 alone and that means the average renter can expect to pay about $1,161 per month for rent.

More Jobs Means More Renters

With more companies hiring in Stockton, Lathrop and Modesto this also means that there will be more people in the Central Valley searching for rental property and that’s good news for current property owners or anyone who has been thinking about purchasing Stockton Rental Property.

How to Get Started With Owning Rental Property

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