What Intangible Features Are Renters Looking For In 2022?

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If you own rental properties in the Central Valley, you know that renters are looking for more these days than just a place to live, they are also looking for rentals that offer intangible features.

What are intangible features? They are more than just the bedrooms, bathrooms, or amenities that a property offers, these features are often what makes the difference between a tenant renting a property or continuing to look for rentals.

The Property Has A Strong Presence Online

The first intangible feature that prospective renters are looking for is that the property has a strong presence online.

This means that they can find a well-written description of the property including plenty of pictures, video, and a 2022 Google Maps listing so that they can see exactly where the property is located plus learn more about that location.

Excellent Service And Support

Besides having a great listing online, tenants also want to have excellent service and support when they enquire about rental properties.

One of the best ways for landlords to ensure excellent service and support is by hiring a property manager because a property management company will be available many times after hours and this will ensure that tenants can get their questions about the property answered.

Quality Maintenance

Before saying yes about a property, prospective tenants also want to see that it’s been well-maintained and looked after because the average renter doesn’t want to live in a property that feels like it’s falling around them.

After moving in, tenants also want to see that the landlord continues to make well-timed upgrades because this also shows them that their business is valued and the landlord wants to continue keeping the property a nice place to live.

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