Rental Property Upgrades You Don’t Want To Make

One important thing you want to do as a landlord is upgrade your rental property because upgrading your property will keep your tenants happy and increase the value of your property.

Even though upgrading your property is important, there are a variety of rental property upgrades that you don’t want to make including the following:

#1 – Granite Counter Tops – Let’s face it, granite countertops are beautiful but for a rental property they are unnecessary because they can be costly to install and difficult for most people to keep clean.

Instead of choosing granite countertops, consider installing other high-use countertops like quartz because they are less expensive to install and will last longer, and be easier for your tenants to keep clean.

#2 – Wood Flooring – Most house flippers in the United States love wood flooring because they add character to a home but for rental properties, they don’t always work.

Wood floors can be difficult to keep clean and maintain so for best results when installing flooring in a rental property, consider adding carpeting in the bedrooms/living areas and highly durable flooring or tile in the kitchen and dining area of your property.

#3 – Elaborate Landscaping – Last of all, but most important, when it comes to landscaping, it’s best to stick with the basics that work like grass and some basic drought-resistant plants, your goal should be to make the landscaping as easy as possible for your tenants to maintain.

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