Are Your Single Family Rental Properties Ready For Fire Season?

Fire season is here in California and it most likely will be an active fire season until the end of the November.

What does this mean to you? Even though fire season can be a trying time, the good news is that you can go confidently into fire season by making sure that your rental properties are prepared and will not catch fire due to negligence.

How To Get Your Single Family Rental Properties Ready For Fire Season

Step 1 – Create A Defensible Space – If your rental property is located in a rural area, you should create a defensible space around the property. This means that you should cut down all brush, weeds and remove trash surrounding the rental property and plant ice plant or other fire resistant landscaping to keep your properties protected from fire.

Step 2 – Remove Debris From Your Property – After creating a defensible space surrounding your property, the next thing that you need to do is to remove debris from your property.

Debris can take any shape or form including trash, old cars or junk that your tenants may have not thrown away because you don’t want to leave anything on the property that could become fuel for fire.

Step 3 – Invest In A Fire Resistant Roof – Last of all, but most important, if your roof is more than 30 years old, you should consider having your roof replaced with a fire resistant roof since this will protect your property, tenants and investment in your rental property during fire season.

Besides taking the steps mentioned in this article, you should also create an escape plan for your tenants to make sure that they know how to evacuate the rental property in case of fire.

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