Does your rental have maintenance issues that have gone unchecked?

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Every year, maintenance issues are one of the top things that cost owners the most money because, if left unchecked, a small unnoticed problem can easily morph into a much larger problem.

What maintenance problems should you be looking for?

#1 – Smoke Detector Stops Working

One of the most common reasons why smoke detectors stop working is because a tenant will forget to change the batteries out each year even when the smoke alarm chirps and warns the tenant that its batteries need to be changed.

#2 – Storing Property Close to the Water Heater

Another major problem you should be on the lookout for when you own Central Valley Rental Property is when your tenant stores their personal property too close to the water heater. This is a major problem because it’s a fire hazard that could result in the loss of their personal property and your rental property.

#3 – Dirty Air Filters

The next major problem all owners should be on the lookout for at their Central Valley rental properties is dirty HVAC air filters. This is a big problem because a dirty air filter means that your air conditioning / heating unit will not work efficiently and this will ultimately affect the long term performance of your heating and cooling unit.

#4 – Leaking Ceiling

Sure we don’t see rain very often in the Central Valley area but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to rain at all during the year.

Sadly many tenants won’t think about a slow drip if they see that the roof has leaked a little bit after it’s rained but the reality is that the slow drip will affect your rental property because it could lead to moisture build up in your attic and pests in your home

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