What Income Do You Need to Earn to Rent A Two Bedroom Apartment in Stockton?

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Are you thinking about relocating to the Stockton area and are wondering what you need to earn to rent an apartment in the area?

Thanks to recent data from apartmentlist.com we know that median-earning households in Stockton need to make 2% or $775 more to afford rent.

What does this mean in terms of annual salary? Since the actual median household income in Stockton is $49,945, to rent a median-priced 2-bedroom in Stockton you will need an annual income of $50,720 to avoid becoming cost-burdened

To break these numbers down even further, you will need to earn an hourly wage of $24 to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Stockton. Sadly, as of April 2019, the actual minimum wage in Stockton is $11-$12/hour so if you’re single you may need to live with roommates to afford to live in the city.

Stockton Is Still Considered to Be Affordable Compared to Most Cities Nationwide

There’s no doubt that renting is challenging for most renters in 2019 because rents are seemingly going up across the United States including in California where we have some of the highest rents in the nation but the good news is that Stockton is still considered to be “affordable” when compared to the rest of the United States.

Let’s look at rental data from other cities in California:

Fremont, CA $3,731 $150,040 $72
San Francisco, CA $3,096 $123,440 $59
Irvine, CA $2,713 $108,640 $52
San Jose, CA $2,627 $104,880 $50
New York, NY $2,532 $101,560 $49

Source – Apartmentlist.com

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