Multifamily Property Investing Tips – Start Out Small by Investing in A Fourplex

If you ask any new investor who is thinking about buying a multifamily property, they will tell you that they want to buy a large multifamily property.

Even though owning a large apartment complex is an excellent goal to have, the reality is that it’s also better to start out small by purchasing a smaller multifamily property like a fourplex instead.

Why Purchase a Fourplex?

  1. Greater Cash Flow – With a fourplex, you will enjoy the benefit of having cash flow from four units compared to only having cash flow from one unit when you buy a single-family home.
  2. Easy Financing – Fourplexes are great because you can finance one for only 3.5% down if you plan on living on one of the units after you purchase it.
  3. Convenience – Unlike multiple single-family homes, fourplexes are easier to manage because of the obvious fact that all of your rentals are in one location rather than spread out over the town.
  4. Good Starter Property – Many investors get started with investing in real estate by purchasing fourplexes because this type of investment property helps them to “get their feet wet” as landlords and gain the experience that they need for managing larger properties.

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