What Questions Should You Ask A Prospective Tenant?

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STOCKTON, CA – Yes, it’s true, you may not love the idea of public speaking or interviewing people but if you own a rental property you’re going to have to get comfortable with the idea of meeting with a prospective tenant and learning more about them because the quality of the questions that you ask a prospective tenant could be the difference between successfully renting your property to the right tenant or choosing the wrong tenant and having one year of headaches.

What Questions Should You Ask A Prospective Tenant?

Besides the most basic questions about their employment and rental history, some of the most basic questions that you should ask a tenant include:

Question #1 – Why are you moving? This will tell you a lot about what’s motivating the tenant to move into a new rental property.

Question #2 – If Chosen, When Do You Plan On Moving In?

Question #3 – What Is Your Monthly Income?

Question #4 – Will You Be Able to Pay the Security Deposit with the First Month’s Rent When You Move In?

Question #5 – How Many People Will Be Living With You?

Question #6 – Can You Provide Accurate References?

Question #7 – Will You Agree To a Credit Check?

Question #8 – Have You Been Evicted In the Past?

Question #9 – Do You Have Any Pets?

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