What Does A Property Manager Do? – Part 2

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In today’s article we will cover part 2 of “what does a property manager do?” so you will be more knowledgeable about how a professional property manager manages a rental property and is the owners best asset at making sure that they are able to enjoy a great return on their investment from their rental properties.

Property Managers Choose the Right Tenants

After evaluating a rental property, determining the correct rental rate, and marketing the rental property for rent, the next thing a property manager will do is take applications from prospective tenants, do background checks, review their references, and schedule interviews with tenants who are interested in renting the property.

This phase of property management is by far one of the most important because it saves the owner the property the time, money and hassle of screening tenants themselves and it also insure that the most qualified tenants are chosen to live in the rental property.

Scheduling the Move in

Once the right tenant is chosen for the rental property the next thing a property manager in the Central Valley will do is schedule the move in with the tenant and take the time to walk the tenant through the property personally, documenting the condition of the rental property in writing before handing over the keys to the tenant.

Property Manager

Ongoing Management

Over the course of the year or more that the tenant is living in the rental property a property managers job just doesn’t end at choosing the right tenants, they are also responsible for things like making sure that their tenants pay rent on time, depositing payments in their owner client’s accounts and professional on going management of their rental property including handling maintenance requests, quarterly or annual inspections and making sure that tenants are not breaking the lease.

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