Property Management Vs. Homeowners Association – Is There A Difference?

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By RPM Central Valley

If you’re new to owning rental property in the Central Valley or elsewhere in the United States you might be wondering if there’s a real difference between property management and homeowners associations.

The answer is yes, there are BIG differences between property management companies and homeowners associations and those differences include the following:

Rent Collection

Property Management Companies collect rent from their tenants and will deposit the rent in their owner clients’ accounts or mail a check to them while a homeowners association does not collect rent.

Customer Service

It’s a property manager’s job to first and foremost serve their tenants and that also means taking customer service calls, responding to maintenance requests and helping their tenants on nights and weekends if necessary while a homeowners association does not collect rent from their tenants. The only payments that are made to a homeowners association (if you’re an owner) are HOA fees which cover the cost of maintaining common areas, landscaping, and the exterior maintenance of the rental property.

Property Management Saves Time and Money

When it comes to owning rental property the reality is that a property management company will save every owner the time, money and hassle of managing their rental properties themselves especially as their portfolio of rental properties grows.

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