Should You Provide A Fire Extinguisher At Your Rental Property?

Fire extinguishers are an important tool that every rental property should have in this day and age, sadly most don’t because owners often assume that tenants will buy them.

If you’re on the fence about providing a fire extinguisher at your property, here are some reasons why you should add one ASAP.

Reason #1 – 355,000 Residential Fires Every Year

The first reason to add a fire extinguisher to your rental property is to avoid becoming a statistic since roughly 355,000 residential fires occur each year.

Sadly, residential fires don’t just occur in the kitchen, they can happen anywhere in a house. This is why it’s important to have multiple fire extinguishers in a rental property because this ensures that fires can be put out quickly.

Reason #2 – 2,600 Deaths Annually

Residential fires continue to be one of the top causes of death and injuries in the United States every year and what’s sad is that most of those deaths could be prevented if a fire extinguisher was present in the house.

By installing multiple fire extinguishers in your California rental property, you can prevent injury and the death of tenants, should a fire break out in your rental property.

Reason #3 – Cost Effective To Install

Last of all, another great reason to install fire extinguishers at your rental property is the fact that they are cost-effective and will potentially save your property from a total loss in the event of a fire.

Tips for choosing a fire extinguisher:

The higher the number, the greater the effectiveness (and likely the higher the price). So, an extinguisher with a 4-A rating is more effective on ordinary combustibles than a 2-A one. The C designation carries no number; it just means the extinguisher’s chemicals won’t conduct electricity.

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