Property Management Tip – Words To Avoid When Marketing Your Rental Property

Property Management Tips - 4 Rules You Don’t Want To Break While Owning Rental Properties

Are you planning on marketing your Central Valley Rental property either online or offline in the coming months? 

As a property owner you know that there are certain words that will either attract new tenants or keep them from scheduling an appointment to view your rental property.

Thankfully, you can avoid the hassle of using the wrong words when marketing your rental property by reading this post and avoid using the following words in your rental property listing.

Words To Avoid Using In Your Rental Listing


This arouses suspicion–people assume the apartment will be clean, so what’s wrong with it that this is a major selling point?


The price should speak for itself–so be sure to not undermine the quality of your unit by focusing too much on the value.


Is it really a penthouse, or is it just on the top floor? Don’t give renters the impression that the entire listing is exaggerated, or you’ll immediately lose their trust.


This descriptor is over-used and overly subjective. If parts of the unit were recently renovated, say so!


They’ll read this as “has never been updated.” You can highlight historical features like an exposed brick wall–but be sure to make it clear that the dishwasher isn’t just as old!

Cozy or Charming

These words scream “tiny.” Some applicants are okay with a smaller space if it’s in a desirable location–so list the square footage and location, post flattering (but non-deceptive) pictures, and let them decide for themselves.

Garden Level

Everyone knows this euphemism for “basement unit.” Assuage renters’ concerns by specifying that there are windows and including appealing photos–and make sure that the price is noteworthy.

Eclectic or Unique

This translates to “expect to see something you’ve never seen before”… in a bad way. (Toilet in the kitchen, anyone?) Paint an appealing picture in the reader’s mind rather than proclaiming that it’s one-of-a-kind without elaborating.

It can be tempting to try to create universally appealing listings. In the end, however, it’s better to avoid being generic or misleading–you’ll increase your chances of finding the perfect tenant from the get-go.

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