Are Online Application Processes Safer? The Answer Is Yes

Uploaded To Are Online Application Processes Safer? The Answer Is Yes

By RPM Central Valley

Just 10 years ago it wasn’t uncommon for most landlords to require prospective tenants to fill out physical applications but times have changed and now today’s landlords or owner has an online application that they can refer potential tenants to but the BIG question is are those online applications safe? The answer to this question is yes.

Why Online Applications Are A Safe Alternative To Physical Applications

Besides offering you a secure website, online applications in 2016 are safer than physical applications because they eliminate the chance of fraud since the online app goes directly to the owner or property management company and reduces the chance that the application will fall into the wrong hands that could potentially steal a prospective tenant’s social security number and ultimately their identity.

Online Applications Are Easier To Confirm

Another benefit that comes with online applications is that they are easier to confirm than physical applications since the owner or property manager has the ability to confirm the application seamlessly through credit and background check websites since they are already online and can confirm the application with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Easier To Document

Last of all, but most important, online applications are easier to document than physical applications because they don’t have to be scanned and then uploaded so that owners and property managers can track information about their tenants and rental properties online.

If you want to improve your leasing success, improve the way you handle data. Using an online application form, you can document every interaction you have with a prospect by taking a few simple notes about the topic you discussed or any questions that are asked. You’ll be more efficient in your application process because you’ll be able to refer back to the information that you gave out before.

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