Mold in The Rental Property? Who Is to Blame?

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By RPM Central Valley

One of the most common problems that both landlords and tenants face is mold in a rental property but sadly, due to lack of experience, both parties don’t know who is to blame.

Is it the landlord’s responsibility to take care of the mold or the tenants?

In this article, we will answer this question and provide you with information you need to know to resolve this problem.

Mold in Rental Property

Mold Growth Caused by the Landlord

Sadly, it’s very common to have mold growth in a rental property that’s due to the landlord’s failure to repair windows, doors, leaks or other areas of the home where mold is growing.

If mold growth is causing the tenant health problems the tenant should contact the landlord immediately to resolve the mold issue and if the landlord refuses to meet with the tenant regarding mold growth the tenant can withhold rent until the mold problem is fixed or take the landlord to court.

In California tenants may do the following if they find mold in their rental properties:

  1. Deduct up to one month’s worth of rent and hire a contractor to make necessary repairs if the landlord has not responded in a timely manner to written notification of the problem.
  2. Not pay rent until the problem is remedied.
  3. File a lawsuit to recover damages for both the illegal living environment and the damage to the health of the tenants. – Source:

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