Modesto Home for Rent – How to WIN the War against Wear And Tear

By RPM Central Valley

Modesto, CA – Over the years you’ve worked hard with your spouse to build your portfolio of rental properties but as you get ready to market your next rental, a Modesto Home For Rent, you’re starting to wonder if you can really win the war against wear and tear.

Yes, you can win the war against wear and tear on your rental properties by following these simple tips.

Tip 1- Ditch the Carpet

Although you may love carpeting, the reality is that carpeting is not user friendly in a Modesto Home for Rent and should be removed in favor of hard surfaces like vinyl.

Vinyl flooring is EASY to clean up after spills or accidents and it will retain its look / value over the years compared to carpeting which will need to be replaced especially after tenants with small children live in your rental home.

Tip 2 – Give Your Tenants a Vacuum Cleaner for the Rental

Let’s say you have a new tenant who just moved into your Modesto Home for Rent, but you know that they don’t have a lot of money or possessions since they just moved from out of state.

What’s the solution to the problem?

Buy your tenant a vacuum which will clean both carpeting and the floor as well. Doing this will insure that the flooring in your rental property stays clean since most people don’t like to live in a home with dirty floors.

Tip 3 – Be More Proactive About Wear And Tear

During the course of the next year that a tenant lives in your Modesto Home for Rent there may be regular wear and tear including broken window screens, holes in walls and issues that most homes face during the year.

The solution to staying on top of wear and tear in a home is to stay proactive about dealing with it and encouraging or offering your tenants incentives to report it when wear and tear occurs.

This will solve the problem of you having to deal with fixing a lot of wear and tear in your Modesto Home for Rent after your tenant moves out.

Market Your Modesto Home for Rent

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