Modesto California Rental Property – 3 Reasons to Consider Investing In A Multi-Family Rental

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By RPM Central Valley

Have you been thinking about investing in Modesto California Rental Property? If so, here are 3 reasons you should consider investing in a multi-family rental.

#1 – Huge Demand

After the recent crash of the Real Estate market in 2007 more people than ever before have chosen the rental market including millennials and baby boomers.

Since the U.S. Census bureau also recently confirmed that multi-family construction has reached its lowest point in 40 years, we know that there will continue to be a demand for rental property in Modesto California and across the United States for the near future.

#2 – Multi-Family Rentals Survive the Ups And Downs

Although demand for single family homes declines during economic downturns, the demand for multi-family rental properties doesn’t decline, and with more people wanting to rent vs. buy in 2015 it makes economic sense to buy a multi-family rental.

#3 – Lower Vacancy Rates

Last of all, but most important, multi-family Modesto California Rental Property also enjoys lower vacancy rates than condos, town homes or single family homes.

What does this mean to you? If you’re searching for an affordable investment for the long term which will also provide you with stable cash flow then it’s a smart decision to consider investing in a Modesto California Rental Property.

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