Should You Make Your Turlock Rental Properties More Energy Efficient? The Answer Is Yes

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Simple Tips For Making Your Rentals Energy Efficient

TURLOCK, CA – As a property owner you know that you can increase the value of your rental properties each time you invest money into them and if you’ve been thinking about which upgrades you should make to your rentals next why not consider making energy efficient upgrades to Turlock Rental Properties?

In this article we will break down which energy efficient upgrades you should consider making to your Turlock Rentals so you which where you should be investing your money.

#1 – Weather Stripping

One of the easiest energy efficient upgrades you can make to your Turlock Rental Properties is adding weather stripping to all exterior and interior doors. This upgrade is important because it will keep the heat and cool air from leaving your rental throughout the year. While you are applying new weather stripping you should also focus on re-caulking windows as well to insure that each window in the home has an air tight seal.

#2 – Install a Programmable Thermostat

If your rental property in Turlock doesn’t have a programmable thermostat you should consider installing one now, especially a NEST thermostat, because this will insure that the rental property is at the optimal temperature at all times and energy won’t be wasted during the year.

Turlock Rental Properties

#3 – Install LED Lights in Your Rental Property

Another great way to make your rental property in Turlock more energy efficient is to install LED lighting in all common areas of the property because these types of lights have been proven to save energy and will help any rental property to be more efficient.

#4 – Replace Those Ancient Appliances

Does your rental property have a dishwasher left over from the 1990’s that still works or a washer and dryer set from the 1980’s? Chances are these appliances are not energy efficient and you should do you a favor and upgrade them to appliances with an Energy Star rating because, these appliances will use less water and be more attractive to future renters who want to live in energy efficient home.

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