Low Budget Ways to Upgrade the Kitchen in Your Rental Property

Kitchen Renovation

Are you searching for low-budget ways to upgrade the kitchen in your rental property? If so, you come to the right place!  In this article will share with you easy, low-budget tips that you can use to start upgrading the kitchen in your rental property without the hassle or headache of an expensive renovation.

Step 1 – Paint Kitchen Cabinets White

Does the kitchen in your rental property look a little beat up after years of use? If so, one of the very best ways that you can add new life to the kitchen is by painting those kitchen cabinets white or choosing to paint them a neutral color with a bold backsplash.

Cost – $100-$200

Step 2 – Change the Lightening

One of the biggest mistakes that most landlords make when upgrading the kitchens in their rental properties is not upgrading the lighting. Upgrading the lighting is very important because older light fixtures are not optimized for today’s home safety standards and an outdated light fixture will make even the most updated kitchen look old.

When choosing new lightening you should consider a pendant lamp or possibly a chandelier especially if you want to create a small “eat in” area for your kitchen.

Cost – $200-$500

Step 3 – Always Maximize Storage Space

Last of all, but most important, before wrapping up your kitchen renovation you should always make the effort to maximize the storage space that the kitchen offers your tenants.  

Maximizing storage space is done by adding multiple shelves inside cabinets and adding other smart storage solutions to increase the versatility that each cabinet has to offer instead of leaving your tenants cabinets which are essentially “big holes” that they would have to figure out how to use correctly.

Cost – $150-$500

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