What are the lesser known amenities that you should be promoting?

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Do you have a rental property that’s going to be available for rent in the coming months? If so, now is the best time to review your property and start thinking about the lesser known amenities that your rental has to offer tenants.

What Are The Lesser Known Amenities That Most Tenants Want?

In 2017 many rental properties are able to boast about having the latest advancements, on site gyms, workout areas and other amenities but they often neglect to mention the lesser known amenities and this is where you can compete.

Some of the lesser know amenities that you should be promoting in your advertising include:

  1. Location – This is by far one of the most underrated and lesser known amenities because, if your rental is in a great location this means a lot since your tenant can get to work, school, friends and family faster without having to commute.
  2. Outdoor Space – Most tenants actually want outdoor spaces, especially if they have pets or children because they want to have that outdoor space for their kids or animals to play.
  3. Security – Does your rental have the latest doors, windows or security system? If so, you shouldn’t hesitate to promote those upgrades as amenities because there will be renters that will appreciate them.
  4. Energy Efficiency – Did you install energy efficient appliances or the latest technology like NEST thermostats in your home? If so, you should always promote your rentals energy efficiency when marketing it online. 
  5. Pet Friendly – Last of all, if your rental is pet friendly you shouldn’t hesitate to promote that as an amenity online.

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