Is Your Stockton Multi-Family Rental Property Stuck In 1979?

Is Your Stockton Multi-Family Rental Property Stuck In 1979?

STOCKTON – You just purchased a Stockton multi-family rental property but there’s a problem, renters who come to view the available unit in your rental property are not showing an interest in it and you’re losing money every month.

One big problem could be that your rental property is stuck in 1979 and thanks to its dated furnishings prospective renters are searching for renters elsewhere.

Here’s how you can rehab your dated rental property while spending a lot less money than you think.

Step 1 – Renovate the Kitchen

Since renters spend a lot of time in the kitchen why not give them a space that they will truly love?

Start with sanding and refinishing or paining the cabinets in the kitchen a white or neutral color then replace cabinet hardware with knobs, handles or other hardware.

After refinishing the cabinets you should then replace the flooring in the kitchen, improve the lighting and replace the appliances with new stainless steel appliances.

Step 2 – Replace All Flooring

Flooring is one of the most contentious issues for property owners but the reality is that it’s an important issue to discuss because, you can easily waste money on flooring if you purchase the wrong flooring type.

Focus on replacing the flooring in your Stockton Multi-family Rental Property with at least 80 percent vinyl flooring and 20 percent carpeting so your renters can have the feel of carpet under their feet when they first wake up in the morning.

Step 3 – Renovate the Bathroom

Last of all, it’s time to renovate the bathroom.

Replace the lighting in your bathroom with new stainless steel lighting then replace the bathroom vanity with a new sink.

You should also replace the flooring and refinish the bathtub as well.

Tip – Since heat lamps were popular in the 1970’s you should consider removing an existing heat lamp since they are also an electrical hazard and will increase the electrical bill of your tenant.

Rent Your Stockton Multi-Family Rental Property

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