How to Make Prospective Tenants Fall in Love with Your Rental Properties Online


The key to success when it comes to renting a rental property is getting a prospective tenant to fall in love with the property online.

If you’ve ever had the feeling that your property listings have been somewhat lacking in the past, this article will share with you 3 steps you can follow to create an awesome Central Valley rental property listing that renters and future tenants will fall in love with.

Step 1 – Think about Your Renters Psychology

Before renting your property, it’s important for you to think about who you want to rent to because, the more knowledge you have about a potential renter the easier the time you’re going to have with creating an ad that will appeal to all their senses.

Take a moment to sit down and write out exactly who your ideal renter is and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your prospective renter a student?
  • Are they married or single?
  • Do they stay active and involved in things like mountain biking, hiking or enjoying all of the recreational amenities that the Central Valley area has to offer them?
  • Will your prospective renter be interested in working from home or having a home gym?
  • Does your prospective renter have children?

Step 2 – Create a Picture with Words

Once you know more about your prospective renter it’s time to sit down and practice writing out an advertisement for your rental property.

Your advertisement should include all some or all of the hot button issues that a prospective tenant would be interested in learning more about your rental property in the Central Valley.

When writing advertising for your rental property you should focus on addressing the hot button issues that would interest the potential tenant like: close to schools, within walking distance of restaurants or close to the best hiking and biking trails that the Central Valley has to offer.

Step 3 – Take Great Pictures

Last of all, but most important, after writing that a copy for your rental property advertisement you should focus on taking great pictures of the inside and outside of your Central Valley rental property.

Instead of taking the photos on your iPhone or mobile device, you should consider hiring a professional photographer to take the photographs for you because, professional photos will have better lighting and’s a great photographs can really make a difference between a tenant wanting to check out your rental property or passing up your listing in favor of another rental in the area.

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