How to Find and Keep Tenants Part 2 – How to Rent to the Right Tenants


STOCKTON, CA. – There’s no denying that the 2015-2016 rental market in the Central Valley has been competitive and that’s because of the fact that we have more people who are searching for rental properties than ever before including: Baby Boomers, Millennials, Generation X and Generation Y.

With so many people searching for rental properties it’s imperative that every property owner in the Central Valley use the right approach to renting to tenants which includes the following:

#1 – Show Your Property to Prospective Tenants

Unless you currently have a property management company that manages one or more of your central Valley rental properties you should absolutely show your rental property to all prospective tenants who expressed an interest in it.

This step is important because physically showing them the rental property gives you the opportunity to interact with prospective tenants and potentially save yourself the time, money and heartache of renting to the wrong tenants because, you will never really know who you’re renting to unless you meet with them in person.

#2 – Always Pre-Screen Every Tenant

During the process of interviewing prospective tenants never make the mistake of taking a tenant at their word and renting to them based on your “gut instinct”.

You should always take the time to pre-screen every tenant including pulling a copy of their credit report, calling their work and personal references.

#3 – Make Sure the Tenant Understands the Rental Application

As you get closer to renting tip prospective tenant, make sure that you sit down with them in your office and confirm that they understand your rental application and confirm with their signature that they understand because, failure to do so could mean that they can easily break one or more of the rules for your property and if you were to take them to small claims court they can claim that they did not understand the application because you didn’t properly explain it to them.

Save Time and Money Managing Your Rental Property

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