How to Find an A-Rated Tenant for Your Lathrop Rental Property

How to Find an A-Rated Tenant for Your Lathrop Rental Property

LATHROP – One of the “keys to success” with building a portfolio of rental properties in the Central Valley is finding A-Rated tenants.

In this post we will break down what it really means to find an A-Rated tenant and how this will help you to grow your rental property portfolio.

What Exactly Is An A-Rated Tenant?

An A-Rated tenant is someone who has passed the following:

· Credit verification

· Personal reference verification

· Background check

After a tenant passes all of these “checks” they can be considered to be an A-Rated tenant and should then be your Lathrop Rental Property or other properties which you may have for rent across the Central Valley area.

Why Do Most Property Owners Fail At Finding A-Rated Tenants?

Sadly, in 2015 most property owners fail at finding A-Rated tenants because they don’t take the time to use all of the necessary checks on a potential tenant or they use the wrong resources online to find renters which include websites like, hot pads or Craigslist.

One of the best ways you can find A-Rated Renters for your Central Valley or Lathrop rental properties every time is to hire a professional property management company to manage your rental properties.

Benefits of Working With A Property Management Company

Some of the benefits which you will enjoy when working with a professional property management company like RPM Central Valley include:

· Complete background check of each tenant.

· Total screenings of tenants

· Professional showings of your rental properties

· The best online marketing of each rental property you own

· On time rent collection

· Professional tenant management

· And more!

Get started with managing your Lathrop Rental Property today by contacting RPM Central Valley by CLICKING HERE or calling us at (209) 572-2222.