Multifamily Property Management Tips – How To Fill Vacant Rentals FAST

Do you own multifamily rental properties in the Central Valley? If so, you may go through periods where one or more of your units are sitting vacant.

Although having a vacant unit is frustrating, you can easily fill that vacant unit by following these tips.

Consider Allowing Pets

Although you may not like allowing pets at your rental properties this is something that you should consider since not allowing pets means you are ruling out potentially a large segment of renters who are also responsible with their pets.

Ask Your Residents for Referrals

In the world of property management, one “rule” that we follow is good people often know good people.

This means, if you have tenants who have been responsible and are paying their rents on time it’s possible that they know similar people who would be interested in renting as well.

When your tenant refers someone to you it’s also a good idea to give your tenants something in return like a small rent credit so they will want to refer more people to you in the future.

Bring Your Vacant Unit Up to Date

When was the last time you updated your rental property? If it’s been a while you should start updating it now especially since tenants who think a rental property looks old may wonder what’s wrong with that rental and they may want to look elsewhere.

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