How To Add More Curb Appeal To Your Town homes

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Do you own town homes in the Central Valley? If so, like many owners you’re probably searching for ways to improve the curb appeal of your rental properties.

Sadly, it’s not always easy to improve town home curb appeal though because most town homes have little to no yard space and there’s not the same opportunity to improve curb appeal on a town home that there is on a single family home.

Thankfully, even though it may seem difficult, improving town home curb appeal isn’t impossible if you follow these tips.

Enhancing the curb appeal of your townhouse can make a significant difference when it comes to successfully selling your home. Curb appeal, as with any home, is the first thing anyone sees about its condition. With that said, before you decide to make a frontal assault on your townhouse with a different color of paint, review your association’s rules and regulations on what can and cannot be done to the home’s exterior. This makes townhouses a little more challenging when it comes to improvements. You may be restricted with changing the exterior in certain respects. However, it may be permissible to do little things here and there in order to enhance the curb appeal of your townhouse. 

Front door. The front door is what everyone walks up to when they enter your townhouse. A fresh coat of paint can do very well for the curb appeal of your townhouse. If you have some money in the budget, a storm door is a sharp compliment to the front door. If the existing hardware is outdated, is losing its original color, or is falling off, replace the hardware.

Door frame, doorbell, and address numbers. Paint the framing around the door. A fresh coat of paint here will also promote curb appeal of your townhouse. Replacing the doorbell is an inexpensive upgrade. If the address numbers can be painted, a new coat of paint will give them some pop.

Front steps and porch. If the front porch is cement, consider power washing it. It can produce a fresh, clean appearance and enhance the curb appeal of your townhouse. If the porch is wood, consider a fresh coat of paint or stain. Remove any items from the porch area that don’t need to be there. In a small area like the porch of a townhouse, less is more, so remove any unnecessary items. If the welcome mat is worn out, discard it or buy a new one. If you don’t want to spend money on a new one, then go without the mat.

Siding. While most likely the siding cannot be changed to a different color, it can be cleaned. Consider power washing the front of the siding. If you cannot obtain a power washer, cleaning with a regular hose can be sufficient. Spray the siding and clean off any dirt and grime.

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