Here’s How to Get Your Rental Property ready for winter in the Central Valley


With the clock falling back this only means one thing in the Central Valley, winter is right around the corner and with cold weather coming soon it’s more important now rather than ever to get you rental property ready for winter by following these tips.

#1 – Make Sure Your Rental Property Is Property Sealed

Take the time to inspect your rental property and make sure that its property sealed around all doors and windows because if water or moisture is able to find its way into your rental this is one of the easiest ways for mold growth to occur.

#2 – Get Your Roof Inspected

It doesn’t matter if you own a townhome, single family home or multi-family property it’s important to get the roof on your rental property inspected NOW because the first ice or rain we have during the winter will put a strain on your roof and this is the easiest way for moisture to get into your attic or worse.

#3 – Check the Heating / HVAC

Last of all, but most important, check the heating or HVAC system for your rental property because if it’s not been in use for months you can rest assured that your tenants will be using those systems now so it’s best to make sure that they are functioning at 100% before they are in heavy use.

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