For Rent in Lathrop California – Learn How to Write Property Listings That Don’t Suck

For Rent

By RPM Central Valley

LATHROP, CA – One of the most difficult things about marketing a home, condo, townhome or apartment for rent in Lathrop California is not property clean up, staging or anything else that you might to do get a property ready for rent.

The most difficult thing is writing a listing which will make a potential renter want to come and check out your property.

If you’ve had a problem with writing property listings in the past, and want to know how to do it correctly, this post will provide you with three tips for writing property listings that don’t suck.

Tip 1 – Write Better Headlines

Focus on what are the awesome points that your rental property has to offer like: 3 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms, close to schools, near parks or shopping, then write headlines which will promote those benefits in the headline to your rental listing.

Tip 2 – Don’t Use All CAPS

As a property owner you’ve probably used all CAPS in your property listings many times before without thinking about it but the reality is that all caps is another way of shouting at the reader.

For example: ‘WON’T LAST LONG!’

When trying to convey emotion to a reader you should always write normally, use exclamation points if needed, but never use all CAPS in your listings.

Tip 3 – Stop Using Real Estate Speak

By Real Estate speak we mean something like this: “3 bdrm/2baths”.

Instead of writing like a Realtor ®, think like a renter, ask yourself what features a renter would like about your property then write about them.

For example: “This property is located on a spacious lot with a big backyard. Unlike other homes in the area, this modern home has three large bedrooms, two bathrooms, a family room and a living room”.

Market Your Home for Rent in Lathrop California

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