Fire Season 2017 – Prevent Wildfires With These Tips

Fire Season 2017 - Prevent Wildfires With These Tips

By RPM Central Valley

Fire Season 2017 is officially here in Northern California and from now through November property owners and renters have to be on their guard because a wildfire can break out at any moment and destroy a home within minutes.

If you own rental property in the Central Valley here are actionable tips you can use to protect your rental property.

How To Protect Your Rental Property During Fire Season

1. Design smart landscaping, using gravel walkways between sections of vegetation to create firebreaks. Choose plants that are high in moisture (like aloe) or fire-resistant (like French lavender); and avoid flammable trees like conifers. Keep grass short; trim dead branches; and remove unnecessary shrubs and thin trees.

2. Restrict open burning when it’s windy, dry, and hot.

3. Choose fire-resistant materials when it’s time for a new roof, deck, fence, or siding. For existing structures, apply a fire-retardant coating.

4. Clear debris from roofs & gutters, since dry leaves and branches are ready fuel for windblown embers.

5. Consider roof-mounted sprinkler systems, which may qualify for FEMA grants in your state.

6. Store combustible materials safely. Don’t keep items like gas containers where they could heat up or tip over. A cool, dark, ventilated storage area away from residential structures is ideal.

7. Establish communication procedures between staff and residents for imminent threats, and hold safety drills periodically.

8. Make sure you’re covered. If a home is at an elevated level of risk, property insurance companies may help with risk assessment and wildfire prevention efforts. Make sure that tenants have renters insurance for what’s inside their homes, too.

Hire A Property Manager

Protecting your rental properties can be difficult during the summer months, especially if you own multiple rental properties, thankfully hiring an experienced property manager will make your life a lot easier because we will take the burden of responsibilities off your shoulders so you can focus on growing your portfolio.

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