Fall is here – Learn how to get your rentals ready for cooler weather

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Fall is here and with cooler weather only weeks away it’s important for you to get your rental properties ready for winter, especially if you have multi-family rentals.

In this article we will share with you tips you can use to get your rental properties ready for cooler weather.

Tip #1 – Check the Heating Unit and Boiler

Since most Multi-Family properties have older boilers and heaters it’s important to not wait until the last minute to have them checked, you should have them checked now and serviced to make sure they are ready for your tenants to start using them once cold weather officially arrives.

Tip #2 – Clean and Turn All Ceiling Fans on Reverse

Instruct your maintenance team to clean and reverse every ceiling fan in your Multi-Family Rental Property because turning ceiling fans on reverse will create an updraft and then push the air down into the room, and this is especially helpful if you own an older multi-family building because the ceiling fan will circulate the heat efficiently during the cold winter months.

Tip #3 – Take Steps to Prevent Accidents From Ice

Inspect all walkways, outdoor stairs, decks, patios and porches to insure that they are secure and offer plenty of traction when your renters are entering or exiting their homes because even though we might not get snow it’s not uncommon for people to have slip and fall accidents during the winter due to ice. 

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