What Is Emergency Maintenance?

emergency maintenance

If you own rental property used in the Central Valley, the most common problem that you may have to deal with sooner rather than later is a tenant calling you with an emergency maintenance situation.

Emergency maintenance calls are common when you own rental properties but, the reality is that in most cases, a tenant who calls with an maintenance issue doesn’t have a maintenance emergency at all.

If you’re new to owning rental properties, or you need clarity regarding how to talk with your tenants about maintenance issues, this article will break down traditional maintenance vs emergency maintenance so that you know exactly how to address this issue with your tenant correctly.

What Is A Maintenance Emergency?

One of the first things that every landlord must do when onboarding new tenants is to break down the difference between maintenance emergencies, vs non-maintenance emergencies.

Some of the best examples of maintenance emergencies include damage to the rental property due to fire, flood, natural disaster, plumbing leaks, gas leaks or damage to the property due to other issues.

What constitutes a non-maintenance emergency? The best example of non-mean emergencies includes light bulbs that need to be changed, flooring that needs to be replaced, or other minor maintenance issues which can be handled by scheduling a simple appointment with your maintenance team.

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